Losing money

Sell and lose or swap and gain value

What does it mean to sell and lose or swap and win with SwapU? If you sell you lose some of the money that you spent on the item.  Why not think about the item you’re selling differently.  Look at the value of the item through a medium other than cash.  So you can sell and lose or swap and gain value.

Ask yourself this

How much time and money have gone in to getting the goods that you have in your house and your life.  Chances are that you’ve worked hard to get the job that you have and trained for a long time to get the skills that allow you to be paid the wage that you earn.  That hard work should be able to be translated in to lifestyle choices that reward your hard work, shouldn’t it?

Are you throwing money away?

With that money you buy the goods that you need and the goods that you want.  Then one day some of those goods aren’t wanted or needed anymore so you decide to sell them.  This is where the disparity between the hard work that you’ve done to receive those goods and the sale price often emerges.  And this is where swapping makes more sense than selling.

So you decide to do what everyone else does and put your goods up for sale online.

You have a TV that you want to sell for $200.  You paid $1000 for it and it’s in a good condition.  But you know that this is a fair price considering its age.  It is online for a week before you start to get some offers for $100 and $80.  All those hours that you worked to get that TV were once worth $1000 are now worth $100.

And then you sell and lose

The person wanting the TV has the cash so they believe have the power to give you a below value offer.  You decide to accept the $100 offer thinking that it would be best to get rid of it and that $100 is ok even though you know that the price is not indicative of the TV’s value.  The person tells you they will arrive at 8am.  They don’t show at all and won’t return you messages.  You have just experienced the same thing that happens every week to countless people trying to sell their goods.

Or you could swap and win……

Now picture this.  You put your goods on SwapU.  You find something that you want and offer your TV to that person.  The item that you wanted was worth approximately $250 but the person agreed the swap even though they knew their item has a higher cash value because they need the TV.  What has happened is the two swappers have agreed a value that suits both.  Cash is not the agreed currency in this swap but instead the needs and wants of the two parties interact to form an agreed swap.

It’s about agreed value.  Not always cash value.

Swapping makes sense.  You’ll lose cash if you sell but receive value if you swap.

So start swapping with SwapU today. It’s easy.

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