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How to swap stuff online

How do people swap goods online? Swapping is easy right?  Well yes, it is but you need to know some main points before you get in to the world of swapping. Read on and we will explain how easy it is to swap goods online.

1. Ask yourself why you want to swap and not sell

Sometimes selling will work better for you because you just need the cash and that’s understandable.  But sometimes the money that you’ll get from selling something won’t truly represent the value of the item.  Sometimes it’s better to leverage that value through swapping and bartering rather than selling.

2. Work out what you want

There’s no use swapping something and not getting what you want.  Work out what you would like to receive in return and have that as your goal.  But remember that it’s sometimes to put find something that is a surprise.

3. Work out what you have to offer

What do you have to offer?  Remember what you want and who might own what you want.  Aim to put something out there that will appeal to that demographic or group.  Your chances of getting what you want will improve.

4. Find your audience

This might be the hardest part.  How do you find the people who have what you want and who want what you have in return

5. Meet and do the exchange

Now that you’ve found the item you want and the people that you need to connect with it’s time to meet and do the exchange.  Or perhaps arrange a delivery between the two parties. Make sure you have an agreed value. More about agreed value here.

6. And repeat………..

Swapping is addictive.  Once you’ve done some excellent swaps you’ll want to continue and do it over and over again.

Swapping is a great way to save money, find something new and to save the environment by utilising unutilised goods.  So what are you waiting for?  Get swapping and try SwapU today

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