Swapping and social enterprise

Why We Should Support Social Enterprises

With the increasing media attention towards social and environmental issues, social entrepreneurship is all the buzz nowadays. Whilst most social enterprises are start-ups, it is a growing industry that people must look out for in the coming years. 

By definition, a social enterprise addresses social, environmental, and cultural issues either through revenue donations or implementing responsible business practices.

To support this industry, Queensland has established a council dedicated to helping social enterprises called the Queensland Social Enterprise Council.

What is the Queensland Social Enterprise Council?  

The Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) is a state-wide peak body that represents and empowers social enterprises within Queensland. The council aims to provide ample opportunities and member support in order to encourage growth in the social enterprise sector. Since its establishment, QSEC has been able to help these businesses increase their online and offline exposure as well as build their confidence as business owners. 

SwapU is a proud member of the Logan regional chapter of QSEC. The company stands by its mission of reducing waste and encouraging a circular economy in Australia.

The Future of Social Enterprises

Because of the complexity of our world, there are many problems that need to be addressed. This results in a wide array of social enterprises – all focusing on different areas. Whilst it is difficult to narrow down what it really means to be social enterprise, they all have one goal: to make the world a better place. This “greater good” mindset that is intrinsically present in social entrepreneurs allows their business to move with the ever changing times.

At the core of SwapU’s existence is a move towards sustainable living. Swapping is a simple yet impactful way to help the environment. Supporting startups like SwapU will help them grow and in turn, create lasting change in the community and world at large. 

Be part of the change by signing up on today. Let us make the world a better place to live in one swap at a time!

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