Why swapping is the next big thing

Swapping has become a growing trend in recent years with the shift to sustainable practices – garage sales, donation drives, and crowdsourcing to name a few. But what if you could trade items from the comfort of your home? SwapU revolutionises the swapping process by integrating technology to a once face-to-face practice. 

Swapping is gaining traction in Australia, and SwapU was recently honoured with a feature on a community organisation newsletter (Our Logan) to talk about all things SwapU and why swapping is the future.

Philosophy behind SwapU

SwapU is an online swapping marketplace that allows individuals to post their items and swap it for other items on the platform. Nicholas Robertson, founder of SwapU, shared in the article that the app focuses on the redistribution of goods within communities and to end the normative behavior of throwing away unused items. The philosophy behind SwapU provides the business with longevity as it addresses the never-ending cycle of overconsumption that is prevalent in our society whilst encouraging others to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in their daily lives. 

Why swapping is the next big thing

The common misconception around swapping is that you cannot get something that you want or is of value. The term “second hand goods” or “pre-loved goods” gives the impression that these are undesirable or useless items. However, this all depends on how you view swapping in the first place. Swapping is the solution to many problems; it lessens waste and reduces buyers remorse (read this to learn more about it). When we choose to see the bigger picture, “second hand goods” are no different from the ones we buy in stores. For as long as it gives us the satisfaction that we want and fulfills the purpose that we need it for, swapping items is a good deal, especially with SwapU’s algorithm that matches your needs with what’s available on the platform with a simple “swipe right.”

Swapping is so much more than the items themselves – it is a practice. The practice of giving and acknowledging the circular economic model of our society. Nicholas shares in the Our Logan article that, “An item isn’t just an item – it opens people up to new experiences. To waste is to deny other people of that opportunity.” The life of your boat or car does not need to end with you because you can always swap it with something that you currently need whilst others can enjoy what you have to offer. If you want to try this out, you can start your journey with

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