User Stories

User Stories

Our in-person swap meet option is perfect for events where everyone is in the same place and has brought their items with them ready to swap.

If you’re in charge of a swap meet, a collectors club or at a mums group.  Or any event where people can benefit from swapping what they have for what they want.  Finding the attendees the perfect swap is as easy as following the directions below.

  1. Go to and register an account.
  2. On the home page look for “In-person Swap Meet”
  3. Create a group.  Give it a name, add what’s being swapped and give the items an approximate value.  This will help everyone agree that the items are worth about the same.
  4. Add your users and there items. Include each users email so they can link with the Swapping Chain and use the service themselves later. All the items that are added to the group are pooled together.
  5. Each person who added an item then chooses an item from the pooled goods. Make your top 3 choices.
  6. Don’t forget the rules.  If someone wants your item and you want someone else’s item then you’re included in the chain swap.  If nobody wants your item or if you don’t want anyone else’s item then you are excluded from the chain. 
  7. Once all items have been added and each user has made their choices it is time to activate the chain and let it do its calculations.
  8. Now is the time to redistribute the items to their new owners. 
It’s as easy as that!

Maybe you’d like to use the Swapping Chain to make some money for your club or organisation.  If you charge everyone who is adding an item $1 or $2 for the service you are providing by running the event then soon you will have an excellent fundraising revenue stream.

The Swapping Chain is an online platform that connects swappers in different locations, matches their cashless exchanges and then transports their goods with the convenience of courier delivery.  

The perfect user for the platform is anyone who is an admin of or are a member of a collectors club, sporting club, car club or mums group. In fact it is perfect for anyone who is connected to a group of like-minded people who use the same items and who could benefit from exchanging those items using a cashless system. 

The best part of using the Swapping Chain is delivery.  It’s as easy as finding the perfect swap and then placing your item at your doorstep in one of our reusable packages by Better Packaging Co. Our delivery partner, Sendle will come to your house and collect your package from your front door.  They will also deliver chosen item from the Swapping Chain to your front door.  

If you’re the administrator of a card collectors club, a sneaker collectors hub, a car community or any social group where like-minded people meet online to discuss a shared love then the curated group is for you.  

It is your new way of monetising your community.  

Imagine right now you have 100, 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 followers.  Each one of those people comes to your community because you are the thought leader in that space.  You hold the value for that community and your work to bring those people in to your community with your content and expertise.  maybe you have a Facebook marketplace with thousands of members and you spend hours cleaning spam and bad people from it. Perhaps you sell some goods within the group or you have other ways to monetise.  But the work doesn’t pay as much as it should or could.  

With the Swapping Chain you can now monetise your group be offering them a service they want and need.  For $30 you can monetise your community. Invite those members to the Swapping Chain and help them find swaps within your group.  For every swap you find them, they will pay you $2. We take a 15% processing fee leaving you with $1.70.  If you find them 100 swaps a month you will make $170.  If you find 1000 you make $1700.  If you find 10,000 you will make $17,000 a month.  

You’ll bring the users in and connect them to the Swapping Chain and the chain finds them the swaps.  

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