Something of interest

“I’ll swap you for something of interest”

This is an interesting line that we often hear when people are looking for a swap, “I’ll swap you for something of interest”.  Something of interest to who?  What interests this person.  What’s interesting full stop?  And what would cause someone to want to swap something and look for something of interest in return?

Who swaps for “Something of interest?”

People who swap for something of interest are open minded to the possibilities of what they might get in return.  They probably aren’t entirely connected to the item that they are swapping, and they also perhaps don’t need the cash that a sale might bring.  They also might know that a cash sale would bring an amount of money that is not consistent with the goods actual value, so they’d rather try their luck and see what’s out there.

How do you know what they might find interesting?

This is a very important consideration.  If a person wants to swap their dirt bike for something of interest, then chances are they won’t want to swap it for a sewing machine and an overlocker.  And vice versa.  Then there are the things that could be interesting to anyone like tickets to a show or vouchers. And then you will have to negotiate and come up with an agreed value

Expand your experiences

When someone offers you a swap for “something of interest” you might come across something that you always wanted to do but didn’t have the opportunity or perhaps you even forgot that you’d like to try it.  Give something a try that you never thought you could or would do.  Try a new hobby and if you didn’t like it you can always swap it for something else.  And repeat that until you find your perfect fit.  Swapping opens up so many experiences.

The “Mystery”

The only thing I can imagine it being like is being a King and having an explorer returning from an expedition.  “Sire, we hope you find this of interest.  We call it a Pineapple”.  Perhaps it won’t feel the same way as you sit there on your couch, but you get the idea.  Being open to the possibilities of what might be offered to you is half the fun.

You have something in your house that you don’t use or need.  What could you get for it.  What could you get for it that would interest you?  Perhaps you don’t know what will interest you yet.  You will know once you give it a try.  So, swap for “Something of interest” today.  You never know where that path will lead.

So give it a try!

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