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How to swap comics and trading cards

You don’t always have to buy what you want. In the world of comics, collectables and trading cards it is very common that we swap and trade instead of using money. We all remember a time at school, in the playground when we would be eagerly exchanging the latest football cards or perhaps even marbles.  For me it was marbles.  When I was a kid, we would play marbles and try to win the best and most decorative marbles from our friends.  If we couldn’t win them in a game, we would swap and exchange. 

Being so young we didn’t have money, but we did have marbles and if we were lucky one of our friends would want to swap theirs for ours.  The skills that this taught me remain today.  Except now we don’t trade marbles.  Now we collect and exchange and seek the item that we don’t have.  If we don’t have money, we still use our goods to swap.  Times haven’t changed too much.

It’s the same with collectors of comics and trading cards.  There are many reasons that swapping is great for collectors.

1. You have multiples

If you have more of one trading card or comic, then why not swap it for something that you don’t have.  And it can be guaranteed that someone out there doesn’t have the one that you have two of.

2. Create great community connections with likeminded people

Going to a swap meet with fellow collectors is a great way to meet your people.  Like minded folks who share the same passion as you.  These are the places where you can learn about the newest trends and just catch up with what’s happening in the community.

3. Finding a bargain and the thrill of the chase

Let’s face it.  Everyone is looking for that one card or comic in the pile that everyone else has looked past.  We want to be the one that finds the first edition that everyone passed over. You will have to learn to trade and find an agreed value with the other swapper. Learn more about that here.

There’s a place in Brisbane that I love going to where there is always something unique going on.  Ace Comics in Annerley never fails to impress with their collection and their community events.  If you’ve been there you know what I mean, if you haven’t then you need to go.  It’s guaranteed that you’ll find something that you won’t see anywhere else.  They have some great swap meets too.  Check them out at

So get swapping and get trading.  Get rid of your multiples, get connected to a like minded community and maybe you’ll find some treasure.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

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