How to swap a boat

You might want a boat but you can’t afford it. You have a motorbike but if you sell it you’ll only get $3,000. The boat that you want is $4,000 so if you sell your bike you won’t have enough money to buy that boat. What if the person with the boat wanted your motorbike? You would save $1,000. So why not swap instead?

Why not swap instead?

It is often the monetary outlay that inhibits us from new activities.  In fact there might be another way around getting that new boat or car or whatever it is that you want.  Use the value locked in the items that you own.  Swap what you have for what you need and get the new experience and fun that comes with the new boat, jet ski or whatever it is you want. Why buy a new boat or motorbike or jet ski when we aren’t entirely sure that we will like it or use it enough to justify the money spent?


  • Save money
  • You can do it multiple times. You could swap your car/boat jet ski once a month if you found people wanting your swap
  • It’s a fun experience to drive different cars, go out in a boat or feel the wind in your hair on a jet ski. Get a new experience in your life for

All you need is an agreed value

Agreed value is just that.  It is a value that is agreed between two parties and it is not necessarily represented in cash.  A chair might have the same value as a table simply because the person who wants the chair needs the table more than they need the chair.  Vice versa with the other person and the table.  Both parties have agreed that the value of their items is the same and they haven’t used money in the equation. Learn more about agreed value here.

How do I swap a car/truck or other boat for a boat?

Essentially the same process applies if you were to sell a car, boat etc.  This is dependent on the laws and regulations in your state so make sure you check your own state’s laws before you proceed.  A brief guide of what you need includes;

  • Making sure no money is owing on the car
  • Transfer the vehicle registration
  • A satisfactory safety certificate conducted by a registered person
  • Proof of identity
  • Payment of a registration transfer fee
  • Check out our swapping guide here.

If you are swapping a car or other vehicle then all the required documentation for QLD can be found in the link below.

All the required information for transferring ownership for a boat is in the link below.  

If you’d like to swap you’re the best place to start is a place where other swappers congregate and meet, be it online or in person at swap meets.  Start on your local Facebook page then check out the SwapU app through our web-page at

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