Buyers remorse

Buyers remorse? Swapping will solve that

Buyers remorse? Swapping will solve that.

Buyers remorse is the feeling you get when you realise that you don’t need what you bought and it was a waste of money. Everyone has done it.  Buyers remorse? Swapping will solve that.

Everyone has purchased something that they thought they wanted and then decided later that it was a mistake. Sometimes we take it back.  Sometimes we can’t take it back because it is non-refundable or sometimes, we buy it and mean to use it but never do.  In these cases, the feeling of remorse is delayed as we look at the item that we bought but never got around to using.

What is it?

It’s basically the feeling that we get when we buy something that we don’t need or that we wanted only in the moment.  Once we take the item home and try to apply it in our lives, we know that is is unnecessary.  This is when the feeling of guilt or regret takes over and we feel compelled to get rid of the item and take it back.  Once the item is gone so are our bad feelings.

What if you can’t take it back?

Sometimes too much time has lapsed to take back that item that you just look at anymore.  Or it had a no refund policy attached.  You could sell it of course, but with most second-hand sales you know you will take a hit and lose some cash.  So, you can’t take it back and you’re going to lose some money if you sell it, so now what?

All is not lost

Chances are that what you have, someone else wants.  As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Someone will want what you have and whilst they might not want to pay cash they might have something of equal value to you to offer.  That is the key here, value to you.  You both need to come up with a solution to come to an agreed value.  Agreed value is key! So if you suffer from buyers remorse then the

Sounds so easy, but how?

Glad you asked!  It’s as easy as placing your item on SwapU and looking for something that you want and offering your item in return.  Swap it! You never know what you will find and what experiences you could bring in to your life with swapping.  No more remorse.  Problem solved. 

So start swapping with SwapU today. You never know what you might find. Let’s make swapping the new online shopping.

Buyers remorse? Swapping will solve that.

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