Agreed value

Agreed Value – It isn’t all about cash.

Agreed value – It isn’t all about cash

The first thing I am always asked as the founder of a startup that is based on swapping is “How do make sure people agree on a swap?  What if one person thinks that their item is worth more than the other persons?”.  That had always been a hard question to answer but when I thought about it and looked deeper into the problem I came up with a solution.

The way that I look at swapping and the way that I have made SwapU different from all other swapping apps is to take cash out of the listings all together.  Why?  Read on.

1. You don’t know the true cash value of your item, you’re just guessing

The fact is that unless you are a professional second-hand dealer and value then chances are that you don’t have an accurate idea about what your item is worth.  You could Google your item, but you’ll only get a rough guide and often it doesn’t include what people actually paid, rather what it was offered for sale for.  SwapU takes cash out of the initial listing and asks the swappers to consider the value against their item, not the inflexible cash price.

2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

What you think is worth $100 someone else thinks are worth $50.  If you’re both stubborn then chance is that you’ll never an agreement.  Sometimes people will swap for something of interest.  This is a very interesting swapping sub-group.  Learn more about swapping for something of interest here. 

3. Swapping requires give and take and maybe some cash to sweeten the deal

You have a chair to offer for swap.  You need a table.  The other person wants your chair and has a table.  The issue is that your chair is worth more because it is a little better condition.  How do we overcome this issue?  SwapU gets the two swappers together in a chat room where they can barter and negotiate.  Perhaps the other party can offer another item as well in exchange or they could offer some cash to make up the difference.  Simple

A great swapping experience requires some communication and some creative thinking.  SwapU makes swapping easy by bringing swappers together to do the bartering and to communicate.  Swap directly or swap one item for two or even add some cash to get the swap that you want.

It is all about finding a common ground.  If you both want to make the swap happen and you agree on the rules of the exchange then a swap will happen and both parties will be happy.

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