Swap and save the environment

Swap to save the environment

The process of swapping is basic but it’s implications can be huge.  This simple process is an environmentally friendly act.  But how and why?  How is the exchange of goods for goods positive for the environment?  Let’s look at this in more detail and learn how to swap to save the environment.

1. Re-using

If you use second-hand goods it means that a new item doesn’t have to be manufactured.  If more items are re-used than less pollution is produced during the manufacturing process.

2. Decreasing waste

Goods that are swapped get more use.  What was once deemed as unnecessary in someone’s life is now being used by another.  This means that the item will not be disposed of and instead find a new use with someone who will use it.

3. Using dormant goods

In everyone’s homes there are items that are not used.  Items that are kept in the cupboard or garage because we think that we will use them one day.  Truth is, in many cases we won’t.  Those items will remain dormant and the will degrade to the point that they will be useless.  Often these goods are given to charities and in many cases the charity throws the goods away because they can’t be sold.  If these goods were swapped when they had a value to someone then this wastage could have been avoided.

4. Saving money = spending less = working less (in a perfect world)

This is a little bit further down the track but imagine if we don’t buy as many new items then we will save money and therefore need to earn less money.  We will therefore need to work less and in so doing produce less carbon going to work and in the duties of our daily jobs.  Currently we measure our success as a society through Gross Domestic Product and economic growth pinned to production.  Perhaps this is the time for a new economic indicator to be used

So, what next?  Swap goods on the SwapU app and help to save the environment

Swapping promotes the re-use of goods and in so doing decreases wastage, resources used, and the pollution created in the manufacturing of goods.  It’s easy to swap and when you do, you’ll save money and decrease your environmental footprint at the same time.  So download SwapU today before you know it you and the environment will come out on top.

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