How to Make Money Hosting a Swap Meet

In today’s world, innovative ways of connecting and exchanging goods are constantly emerging. One such method gaining popularity is the “Swapping Chain,” a unique approach to trading items at live events. This guide will explain what a swapping chain is and how you can use it to earn money by hosting in-person swap meets.

What is a Swapping Chain?


A swapping chain is an innovative method where items are pooled together based on specific categories and their approximate value. In this system, participants add an item to this pool and, in exchange, select an item from the available options. The beauty of this system lies in its sequential nature – it’s a continuous chain of exchanges.

For instance, Bob might contribute an item that Mary chooses, while Mary’s item is selected by Jane, and Jane’s item is picked by Bob. This cycle creates a mutual exchange among the group, ensuring that everyone has the chance to both give and receive. The larger the pool of goods, the higher the probability of a successful chain being realized.

How is the Swap Calculated?


The process is meticulously planned. Each chain is defined by a particular category and an agreed-upon value. Participants can add up to three items to the pool and indicate their top three choices for exchange. The distribution of items hinges on several crucial factors:

    1. Popularity of the item: Highly sought-after items usually place the contributor in a favorable position to receive their top pick.
    2. Timeliness: Participants who make their selections early often have an advantage.
    3. Demand and supply: If the item you added isn’t chosen by anyone, you won’t be included in the chain.
    4. Mutual interest: If you don’t find any item in the pool appealing, your item won’t be up for grabs.
    5. Not everyone wins: Sometimes a swap cannot be calculated because the chain cannot find a link from your item to the selections you made.  Sometimes nobody will want the item that you added.  It just happens. 

This combination of elements, coupled with individual choices, dictates the final allocation of items in the swapping chain.

Step 1: Set Up Your Swapping Chain Live Event


Start by visiting and creating an account to set up an “In-person” swap meet group. Here, you can organize your swapping event, keeping in mind the swapping chain concept.

    • It’s free to use: You don’t have to pay us a cent.

    • Tell everyone that you have a way to find them the perfect swap: You have the Swapping Chain and you have the live event so if they come to your event you can help them find the perfect swap and save them money.

    • Have a dedicated tent/area with a table that people can come and add their items to: Ensuring that the swappers can see each item that they might wish to choose.

    • It will cost money to participate: You choose how much you charge to add an item to the pool ($1-$5). For every swap you find your group members they save money and their fee goes to running more great swap meet events.

    • Choose your swap items: Decide on items that will likely be popular among your participants, such as collector cards, clothes, or mystery items worth $10.

    • Event format: At the conclusion of the Swapping Chain ensure everyone receives their items.  Make sure this is done with clarity and transparency. 

Step 2: Running the Swapping Chain


Go to and create a free account.  Once you have created your free account go to “In-person Swap Meet”.  There you will be able to create your group and add the items that the group members add to your table. Once the items are added to the group each member will make their choices from the group.  It will be your task to ensure their selections have been made. Below are some ways to make the event run as smoothly as possible. 

    • Item addition and selection: Participants add their items to the pool and then select from it, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

    • Matching and calculation: The Swapping Chain platform ensures a fair and efficient process, considering the popularity, timeliness, and mutual interest of the items.

    • Only successful swappers pay: If a swapper added an item and didn’t receive a successful swap, refund them their money so they can try again in the next round of swaps. 

The video below provides a great example of how the system works. 

Step 3: Earning from the Swaps


As the organiser, you receive money for every swap you facilitate. This system allows you to cover the costs of your event and even make a profit, all while providing an enjoyable and sustainable swapping experience.

Step 4: Tips for a Successful Swap Meet


You will need to be prepared for the swap meet, but like anything good results will come from hard work.

    • Promote your event: Use various channels to attract a diverse group of participants. Make sure everyone knows that you can help them find the perfect swap.  Your event is the place to come to to find their perfect swap because you have the Swapping Chain. 
    • Organise effectively: Ensure clarity in the swapping process with proper signage and instructions.
    • Foster engagement: Encourage stories and discussions about the items, enhancing the community feel.

Finally, You Can make Money Swapping 


Hosting in-person swap meets with a swapping chain system offers a novel way to bring people together, promote sustainability, and earn money. By understanding the intricacies of the swapping chain and applying these principles to your events, you can create a vibrant community of swappers and turn your gatherings into profitable endeavours.

Ready to become a swapping chain host? Visit and start organising your first event today!

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