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Add an item to Swap Swipe (it’s like Tinder for swappers) and our Swap Assist technology will help you find the perfect swap fast

*all categories except for cars, 4×4’s, boats, motorbikes and machinery which are $5

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What our customers say


This is a great app for swapping any items around the house! The app interface is amazing and I never run into any issues. The people that are on the site are legitimate and are looking to swap the items not mess around. I recommend just downloading the app and testing it out for yourself because you can find some really cool hidden gems.

Steven Lee (5 stars on Google reviews)

The SwapU app is one of the best apps I have come across for a long time. You can swap/barter items with each other and add money if the items being swapped is not of equal value The navigation is very good and easy to learn.

Tim Hill (5 stars on Google reviews)

Great app for swapping everyday items around the house!


Easy to use and a great way to get second hand items (sometimes even new) by getting rid of what you don’t need anymore! Saving money big time!The navigation is very good and easy to learn.

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Why you should swap with SwapU today

Reason 1

We are a registered social enterprise, helping people and the planet.

Reason 2

SwapU is the circular economy in action – Buy it once and swap it ten times. Move those unwanted goods to where they are wanted and receive wanted goods in return.

Reason 3

Save money and decrease waste: Swap one item and that’s one more item that doesn’t have to be produced and one more item you don’t have to buy.

Reason 4

Swap what you can’t sell – You might not get cash for it but you will get something else that you want.


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