SwapU Features

SwapU isn’t your regular marketplace. We make swapping easier so it makes sense that our features are all designed to help you find the perfect swap.

Swap Assist

The hardest part about swapping is finding someone who wants what you want when you want it and who also wants you have when they want it. SwapU’s “Swap Assist” makes it much easier to find the perfect swap. Pay $2 when you list a smaller item or $5 when you list a motorbike, car or boat and we assist you to make the perfect swap. You’ll get unlimited use of our world’s first “Swap Swipe” service.

Swap Swipe

The easiest and quickest way to find a swap is this world first interface for swap matching. Swipe right on every item that you want and left on every item that you don’t want. Before you know it you will have a match and you can contact the other user and arrange a swap. You will get unlimited swaps, Superlikes, Swap Rewinds, and you’ll be able to see who likes your items.

Swap goods plus cash

You might really want to make the swap but you know your item is worth a little less. Just add some cash and sweeten the deal.

Delivery is built in

Using our delivery partner Sendle we will get the swapped or purchased item to you within a day depending on location. Sendle is a courier service so we can collect the items from your front door and deliver the new item to your front door.

Buy, Swap OR Sell!

SwapU is adaptable. You might find something on SwapU that you want to buy and not swap for. Easy! Just offer the seller the listed sale price and you can buy it. And you can sell too. We do it all.


With every swap listed and made you receive points and your ranking in the leaderboard goes up. Soon we will be able to measure all the carbon savings that you have made with every swap so look out for that feature as well.

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